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A few words from the owner....
--- FINALLY!!! After what seemed to be an endless amount of hard work on top of hours and hours of eye burning dedication,(staring at the cpu screen) I can finally say that Raven's Shrine; the unofficial Raven-Symone website, but {#1 haven for whats hot on Raven}, is "OPEN". [NOT OFFICIALLY]
official opening date to be anounced..


---This site was created, because of the admiration I have for one of the most talented teen entertainers of our time, -{[*Raven-Symone]}*-. I wanted a place where fans world-wide could come, see, share, and marvel at what she has accomplished in such a short span of time in her life... Although the site is public there are some things that will NOT be tolerated...

NO Volgarity
NO Stealing
Definitely [No Disrespect!]
if you think you might have any trouble meeting these requirements,
I suggest you go ahead & hit that Back button

  On that note, I hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to spread the word...
[ Get @ Ya BOY!!]

-Raven's Shrine-
Your One Stop Haven For Whats Hot On Raven!!